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UFO News Today - UFO video caught on the News in Breckenridge Colorada.

UFO News Today - UFO Video of a rectangular cube appearing out of a cloud. 

UFO News Today
UFO Video -UFO Crash Lands in Canada
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Government conspiracy - In UFO News today the military claimed this was a practice exercise, but why are they practicing a UFO recovery?  See the latest UFO pictures including footage of a UFO retrieval via snowmobiles.  The saucer shaped UFO is buried in a frozen lake.  This was a very organized response and retrieval of a UFO.


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 More UFO videos - click here

UFO News Today - UFO Lifts Semi-Truck Off the  Ground


In UFO News today UFO pictures of a UFO beam caught on German closed circuit camera.  Semi truck is lifted off the ground by a UFO and overturns.  Amazing UFO attack on video

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UFO News Today and Yesterday
In UFO News Today and Yesterday find the best UFO videos here.  UFO video of UFOs spanning from the past to present.  Find the top ten UFO videos.  Get the latest UFO News Today! 




UFOs Are Chariots of the Beast.
UFOs are described in the Bible.

If you want to know what UFOs really are, this video actually gives you the answers you've been looking for.  UFOs are exposed for what they really are.  The UFO agenda is exposed.  If you believe in the Bible this is a must see video to understand God's wrath in creating the Great Flood, and the annihilation of the inhabitants of the promised land.  If you don't believe in the Bible, I dare you to watch this video, and pray your heart is not hardened.  Be not deceived, UFOs are not benevolent beings who want peace for mankind.  For more Mike Hoggard videos on Bible Prophecy, click here.

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Rss Feed from the Huffington Post gives you the latest UFO News Today and other weird news. 

UFO News Today and Yesterday - Best Photos from the Past

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UFOs - Get the latest UFO NEWS Today and Yesterday
UFOs - What the government does not want you to know about UFOs - the UFO conspiracy.  Click on the picture of the UFO to access the best UFO videos ,UFO pictures and UFO information on the net.  Track UFO sightings as they happen.  Spot UFOs using the live UFO webcam.  Study UFOs by learning how to become a Ufologist.  Examine released UFO government documents verifying the existence of the UFO phenomenon.  Browse the best UFO videos and pictures of  UFOs.  View the irrefutable evidence that UFOs exist in ancient artwork. Get the latest news on UFOs and articles on UFOs including the UFOs spotted over the White House.  Explore the history of the UFO phenomenon starting with the Roswell UFO incident.  Study the UFO evidence of Ancient Aliens, and evidence of aliens and UFOs in ancient artwork dating back to 17,000 b.c.  UFOs are depicted in in cave paintings.  UFOs are also depicted in midevil paintings, woodcarvings and tapestries.  Find out what UFOs really are.  Study the UFO videos and UFO pictures.  UFO sightings began before the 1950's.  UFO sightings continue to this day.  See the most recent UFO videos and UFO pictures to date.  The pictoral evidence of UFOs is irrefutable.  See NASA footage of UFOs.  Evidence of ancient aliens.  Ancient alien technology way before its time like the Bagdad battery.  Ancient alien megaliths, are they signs for UFO landing strips or evidence of alien contact.  Ancient alien evidence of UFO.  Crop circles - evidence of UFOs and aliens.  Discover the eerie message these crop circles tell us about UFOs and aliens written in binary code.  Find out what the Bible tells us about UFOs and what they really are.

The Scientific Study of UFOs - Mufon of Northern Virginia

mufon va

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Conspiracies Explore the most intriguing conspiracies including the banking conspiracy, 9/11 conspiracy, chemtrails, the Denver Airport conspiracy, and the "Mother" of all conspiracies.  They might seem unrelated, but they all have one thing in common.  The conspiracies can all be traced back to the Illuminati and their goal to bring about the New World Order, or a one world government.  Whether or not you believe in conspiracies, you'll be a believer after you see the evidence.  Find out the 911 truth.  911 firefighters expose the conspiracy reporting an explosion on the ground floor after the first plane hit.  Was this conspiracy a false flag attack?  Osama bin Laden denied involvement in the 911 attacks and points blame to a conspiracy of unnamed factions in the U.S. government. Building 7 falls after the 911 attack like a planned demolition.  Find out who stood to gain in this conspiracy.  Find out who is behind the banking conspiracy and the current financial crisis.  Is their plan is a conspiracy to create a one world currency which will be controlled by the New World Order?  Who is responsible for repealing the Glass-Steigle act and the conspiracy to compel the government repeal the piece of legislation that was put in place to insure a banking collapse would never happen again?  What are derivatives?  And how did this "secret stock" market exist without the American people knowing about it?  The derivative market is still operating.  This time the derivatives are based on our food.  This is why our food prices have skyrocketed and no one is saying anything about it.   Unnecessary, unwanted and millions of dollars over budget, the Denver Airport conspiracy questions what is the real purpose of the Denver airport.  With a plaque from a non-existent "New World Airport Commission" complete with a Masonic symbol, buried time capsule and a strange plate with raised bumps, the Denver Airport is full of enigmatic symbols, buried buildings which were "built wrong," eerie statues, horrific murals and miles and miles of fiber optic material, and the circus tent looking roof which is impervious to infrared heat seeking devices. 

Secret Societies, Illuminati, Illuminati symbolsSecret Societies

There have been many secret societies throughout history, but the one that exists still today that affects our government, economy, and society is the Illuminati.  Find out about the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world.  Illuminati symbols can be found in our companies' logos, in advertising and in film.  Find out what companies are using Illuminati symbols and find out what these Illuminati symbols mean.  Why do stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga wear and flash Illuminati symbols?  What message are they trying to portray from the Illuminati?  Find out the connection between the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Masonic symbols are meant to both "reveal and conceal."  Only the enlightened Masons are worthy to know the truth.  The square and compass mean more to Masons than representations of their building tools.  Masons will tell you they represent squaring your life and keeping within a circle.  Mason's are concealing the true meaning of thier square and compass.  To the Masons the symbol represents the sons of man coming unto the daughters of men.  The Masonic symbol refers to Genesis 3:6 where the sons of god, or the fallen angels saw that the earth's women were beautiful and took them as wives.  The offspring were the nephilim who were both godlike and human.  This is the Illuminati plan to change man's DNA, which was the reason for the flood.  The secret societies, such as the Illuminati, the Masons, the Bilderburg, and the Trilateral Commission

Unexplained Mysteries, Lochness monster, chemtrails

Unexplained Mysteries - Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness monster is the most famous of the unexplained mysteries.  Get the best web links for the Loch Ness Monster giving the history of the sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, Loch Ness monster pictures and Loch Ness monster videos.  Use the live webcam to search for the Loch Ness monster for yourself.  Explore Lochness.  Research the history of sightings of the Lochness monster.  Decide for yourself, is the Lochness monster real?  Find out what the Bible says about what could be the Loch Ness monster. 

Prophecy, Bible prophecy, manyan calandar, 2012

Prophecy What clues does the Bible hold to our future?  What does the Bible Code say about events today from 9/11 to President Obama? Find out who the Nephilim were and what part they play in Biblical History and our future.  Also explore the prophecies of the Mayan.  What does their calendar tell us about the past and the future?   What does the Bible tell us about end times.  Check out Mike Hoggards videos explaining the "Mother of All Conspiracies."    Find out how all of these conpiracies fit together and who is behind it all.

Best Conspiracy Websites: 1. The Black Vault -

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